Pastor Hogan has began a journey that spanned 40 years of ministry serving as the Senior Pastor of Christ For The World since 1984, Pastor Hogan has been a minister of the gospel from his youth. He is anointed as a prophet to identify, nurture, and raise up leaders. Pastor Hogan has written many books to train and equip them he has a voice of wisdom, encouragement, and vision. Pastor Hogan has ministered on several occasions at the United Nations and his ministry cuts across denominational and generational boundaries.

Pastor Hogan is a prophet to America and the nations of the world he is building God centered covenant relationships in the unconditional love of the Father is the cornerstone of Pastor Hogan’s apostolic ministry to churches and ministers worldwide. He is recognized by many as a pastor to pastors. Also Pastor Hogan is the CEO of Christ For The World International Fellowship and is the founder of The Fort Church in Fort Smith, Arkansas; Christ for the World in Muskogee, Oklahoma; and Rogers, Arkansas, which are non-profit organizations.